Arizona Disabled Sports

"Let no one sit on the sidelines!"
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AzDS Board of Directors
Barb Peacock, President
Gary Robbins, President-Elect
Monique McGivney, Secretary
Shaun Clark, Treasurer
Chuck Knapp, Accounting
Mark Grant, City of Mesa Representative
Steve Hogen, Mesa Public Schools Representative

Nic Danger
Jeff Gibson
John Hughes
John Krecek
Brad Williams

Our motto is to "Let no one sit on the sidelines!"

Our vision is a community that creates opportunity and empowers individuals of all abilities through sports and recreation.

Mission Statement:
Recognizing the importance of recreation, leisure and competitive opportunities that contribute to quality of life, the primary mission of AzDS is to provide a wide variety of programs and activities to individuals with disabilities. Through participation, the athlete will realize individual accomplishment, self-esteem, respect for themselves and others.
News, Highlights and Events

          Presenting the 2014 Athlete Ambassador Program


The Athlete Ambassador Program has been created to give both
recreational and competitive athletes an opportunity to deliver the organization's mission, reaching out to individuals with physical and visual disabilities in the Valley and sharing their personal story on how AzDS has had an impact on their lives.

The Athlete Ambassador Program's mission is to: 
  • Raise awareness of AzDS through speaking engagements and special event promotional opportunities.
  • Provide athlete's with leadership training and public speaking instruction in a small group setting.
  • Give the athlete's a voice to be heard to advance the organization.
If you are a current athlete with a physical disability and would like to volunteer as an ambassador, please complete the application. The current deadline for applications is Tuesday, September 30th.

For more information, please contact Nina Bernardo at or 480.835.6273.

Download: Ambassador Program Application

     Register for the Upcoming Season

Arizona Disabled Sports offers two different types of programs which include adaptive opportunities for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities through the Team Mesa Programs as well as adaptive opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities through the Arizona Heat Physically Challenged programs.

Programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities:
For more information about the programs offered for individuals with intellectual disabilities, visit the Team Mesa Program page.

To sign-up for the email List-serv for the Team Mesa programs visit Enter your email address and select "Parks and Recreation - Mentally Disabled Programs" and then click Subscribe. You will immediately receive an email from the City of Mesa in which you need to click a link to confirm your subscription.

Programs for individuals with physical disabilities:
For more information about the programs offered for individuals with physical disabilities, visit the Physically Challenged page.

To sign-up for the email listserv for the  Physically Challenged programs, send an email to


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