Specs, Rates, rules


Activity Room (50 people max)

  • 40 feet by 30 feet
  • New carpet
  • Mirror on full length of wall


  • 96 feet by 120 feet
  • Side by side courts 60 feet by 96 feet
  • Newly constructed RetroFlex wood flooring system
  • New bright lights
  • Six basketball hoops
  • Two side by side volleyball courts
  • New automatic bleachers
  • Two scoreboards on wall
  • Wall pads under main baskets

Other Ammenities

  • Air conditioning
  • Tables and Chairs (Available upon request)
  • Men's and Women's locker rooms with showers



Activity Room (50 People Max):

  • Rental Rate:                            $50.00/hr
  • Deposit                                   $100.00
    • This deposit is refundable contingent on the cleanliness of the room after the event.

Gym Rental:

  • Full Court Rental:                  $65.00/hr for weekdays until 5pm       $75.00/hr for weekday after 5pm and weekends
    • The BRC does not accept requests for half court gym rentals.
  • Additional Fees:
    • *For groups with 250+ people, additional Site Supervisor fees per each:     $15.00/hr  
    • Gym Floor Cover                       $250.00
    • Clean Up charge                        $50.00/hr
      • *Only if user does not leave facility clean after event (site supervisor discretion)
  • Deposit:                                   25% of total rental fee due upon signing of rental agreement
The rental rates presented are effective rental fees as of August 1st, 2014 for the Broadway Recreation Center.  To download a PDF of the rental rates, please click HERE.

General Liability Insurance Policy

You must present a general commercial liability insurance policy prior to approval with MASD/Broadway Recreation Center listed as additionally insured.  Further instructions are listed on the instruction sheet which you can download as a PDF if you click HERE


1. No smoking is allowed. Tobacco products, drugs, and alcohol are not allowed in the facility. Anyone exhibiting signs of being under the influence of a controlled substance will be denied entry.

2. Water in a clear plastic container with a lid is allowed throughout the facility. Other food and beverages are restricted to the Activity Room or main lobby areas. 

3. No chewing gum is allowed in any area of the facility.

4. Coolers, including orange igloos, are not allowed in the gymnasium.

5. No hanging on the rims or backboards.

6. Site Supervisor has complete control of the facility and program.

7. No spitting on the gym floor or in the water fountains.

8. All trash must be removed from the gym at the end of the day.

9. Gym floor must be swept between every game.

10. Pets, other than guide animals, are not allowed in the facility.

11.  The goal is for the renter to use the facility and leave it without any trace of having been there.  Clean up fees can be added to total rental fee.  

Special Notices

*There are no public open gym times.

**The Broadway Recreation Center is a main Red Cross Shelter in times of disaster for the citizens of Mesa, Arizona.  The BRC has the ability to cancel a rental if the building is needed by the Red Cross.  The renter agrees, upon signing an agreement, that if the Red Cross needs to utilize the facility their rental can and will be canceled with as little as an hour notice.