International Classification

All athletes that compete at the Desert Challenge Games who have an IPC license and have a New, Review or Review 2019 classification status must undergo international classification evaluation at Desert Challenge Games.  To be eligible to receive an international classification evaluation appointment athletes must have a 2019 IPC license including submission of medical forms, supporting documents and must be registered for Desert Challenge Games prior to April 28th, 2019. 

Athletes who are licensed can check their classification status HERE.  To obtain an IPC license athletes can view requirements HERE.  All U.S. citizens: if you have questions regarding licensing and classification please contact Bryce Boarman at or 719-866-4240. you are not a U.S. citizen you must contact your National Paralympic Committee (NPC) for classification and licensing questions.

Desert Challenge Games will host classification for physical impairments (May 21-23), visually impaired athletes (May 22-23) and intellectually impaired athletes (May 22-23) beginning at 9:00am each day.  The classification schedule will be available approximately 2 weeks prior to competition.  Athlete date/time request CANNOT be guaranteed and athletes are expected to be available for the full classification period beginning May 21st at 9:00am for PI athletes and May 22nd at 9:00am for VI and II athletes.

All U.S. athletes with an intellectual disability must first contact Athletes Without Limits before they can obtain an IPC license and receive a classification evaluation.  Click HERE for eligibility and application information. 

**Desert Challenge Games is the only international classification opportunity in North and Central America for 2019.  We are expecting the schedule to be full for this event.  If the schedule fills up priority will be given based on a ranking system using the athletes best result from 2017-present by comparing these results to the National Team A standard.  We will notify athletes of appointment request status 4-6 weeks in advance of the competition.**

Please note: As part of the World Para Athletics Grand Prix, all athletes ages 14 and older that are interested in competing with the World Para Athletics Grand Prix MUST have an IPC license.

To request an international classification appointment:

  • Athletes must have a 2019 IPC license

  • Athletes must submit medical documentation along with supporting documents

  • Athletes must register for Desert Challenge Games and obtain their license by April 28, 2019 (U.S. Athletes Only)

  • Athletes must contact Bryce Boarman and request an appointment

National Classification

> Athletes with Physical Impairments

All athletes that do not have an IPC license and have never been nationally classified, have a National Provisional (NP), National Review (NR) or NR 2019 status must go through national classification at Desert Challenge Games.  National classification will be offered for track and field and archery. To review national classification status in our national classification database for track and field click HERE.  All athletes that go through national classification must complete a national medical diagnostics form that can be found HERE.  The national forms do not need to be filled out by a doctor and should be submitted to no later than April 28th, 2019. 

> Athletes with Visual Impairments

All athletes with a visual impairment who need a national classification must submit their medical forms to Bryce Boarman at by April 28th, 2019 to receive their national classification.  The VI medical form can be found HERE.

> Athletes with Intellectual Impairments

Athletes with an intellectual impairment competing in swimming or track and field at Desert Challenge Games must contact Athletes Without Limits to apply for eligibility to obtain their national classification.  Click HERE for eligibility and application information. 


Bryce Boarman is the USOC representative responsible for World Para Athletics licensure and classification. All Medical Diagnostics forms for U.S. athletes must be turned in to Bryce Boarman by April 28th, 2019.

International athletes must contact their National Paralympic Committee (NPC) to find the appropriate contact for submitting the Medical Diagnostic forms. 

Additional Information

  1. IPC Eligibility Form

  2. IPC Medical Diagnostic- PI

  3. IPC Medical Diagnostic- VI

  4. IPC TSAL Form

How to check your classification status:

  • US Athletes can find additional information at US Paralympics website HERE.

  • US and International athletes can verify their classification and/or classification status on the MASTERLIST provided on the World Para Athletics web site.